About 'Paulista Avenue Bakery'

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Paulista Artisan Bakery is unique, as every item is carefully crafted following traditional methods from the many multicultural families in Brazil whom enjoyed handmade pastries and savory treats. Strongly avoiding artificial preservatives and following recipes that are timeless and unforgettable, this bakery offers a variety of cakes, cookies, and pastries—all made with the finest ingredients.

We now hope to bring the Brazilian tradition of enjoying homemade, traditional pastries and recipes as often as possible – making everyone feel cozy and at home.


Ever since Soraia Nakazato moved to New York City in 2002 she’s been searching for a shop to buy handmade and traditional Brazilian pastries and savory treats, but couldn’t find it. That’s when she decided to take a step forward to and change that reality.

Soraia is a baking enthusiast with an entrepreneurial spirit. Combining her degree in Business Administration with her passion for baking and the food business, she decided to embark on a sweet venture with her husband, Luis Nakazato, an electrical engineer expert with technical skills and experience in planning of operations, marketing and sales strategies.

Though Soraia started baking from an early age, it wasn’t until 2010 that she decided to pursue her passion and enrich her craft, gaining professional experience in Bread Baking with the celebrated Chef Rogerio Shimura, in Brazil. She also joined an internship in a typical Brazilian bakery in the small countryside town where she practiced many traditional pastry recipes.

Finally, in 2016, following extensive training, Soraia decided that it was time to bake professionally, and cater to Brazilians and enthusiasts whom lived in NYC and were looking for traditional Brazilian pastries and savories. That’s when Soraia’s baking skills and Luis’ operational skills resulted into the Paulista Artisan Bakery‘s brand. A brand that slowly (but truly!) is becoming a reference for high-quality products in the business of tradition Brazilian Baked Goods.

Combined with Soraia’s baking operations, the couple strives to bring the deliciousness of Brazilian pastries and savories into the homes (and hearts) of New York City.

We are always open to customer’s feedback as they are the basis for our constant improvement process. Together with our customers we can create delicious new products to everyone’s satisfaction.